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Would you like to have hand-crafted espresso and cappuccino like you might find at a café in Rome, at your next event? Then say benvenuti to Si Espresso’s Barista Bar!  


We transport everything to create and serve great coffee at your special event - professional baristas and attire, coffee roasted in Italy, professional espresso machines, flavors and toppings.  Our service is highly requested by clients who recognize and appreciate good espresso.


Select our most popular menu of espresso drinks or let us propose some enticing seasonal drinks.  We are always adding fun, new elements and ideas to our original concept, so always check back to see what’s new. From farmhouses to townhouses, our Barista Bar can fit any setting.


Doppio Espresso
Espresso Macchiato
Frozen Coffee Mousse


Espresso Bar Packages

✢ A professionally trained barista


✢ A full gourmet coffee bar menu


✢ Award-winning coffee and espresso


✢ Professional equipment and tools


✢ Specialty coffee drinks, espresso martini, & seasonal options


We will review the requirements for set-up and logistics.

Our espresso catering service provides:

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