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We are the official U.S. distributor of Moka Sir’s coffee. 

Moka Sir's Coffee Logo, sold by Si, Espresso

The Aristocrat of Coffee

In 1954, Giovanni Migliorini founded his coffee roasting company in the heart of Pavia, Italy and called it Moka Sir’s. His inspiration for the name came from an English Sir, a figure that at the time was an undisputed emblem of style and elegance. Moka Sir’s aspired to be “The Aristocrat of Coffee”.


Over the decades the small family-run company grew and expanded its business based on three core values: Passion for their work, expert knowledge of coffee and continuous quest for quality. Today Moka Sir’s remains true to its values and its commitment to excellence.

  The MokaSirs Coffee Training Center, Pavia (Italy)  

Moka Sir’s Process

As in the past, today the beans continue to be selected with the greatest care and blended according to exclusive recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. Moka Sir’s maintains very high standards of excellence in its production facility that guarantees the consistency and reliability of the coffee blends produced, in an environment of continuous improvement.  


Degassing valves - One key differentiator to note is Moka Sir’s packaging of its roasted beans, which includes a degassing valve.  The packaging of coffee beans plays an important role in the production process by virtue of its function in the preservation and control of the aroma and the gas generated by the roasting process. For this reason, Moka Sir’s packages its coffee beans in bags with degassing valves, allowing carbon dioxide to escape while preventing oxygen and moisture from entering the package that would ultimately compromise the flavor.

See how our coffee is processed:

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