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Automatic self-filling model with blades 64mm diameter

MITO SILENT is designed to meet the needs of customers who demand very high quality, high volume grinding in near silence.



  • Motor sits on anti-vibration mount

  • Silenced grinding chamber ensures less noise

  • Quality grinding

  • Proven mechanical reliability

  • Telescopic tamper fitted as standard

  • Dosage counter

  • Sliding tray for coffee grounds

  • Fitted with an automatic start/stop system for doser filling. 

  • Simple and effective automated mechanism.

Mito ATR 64


SKU:  045E-ATR



  • Hopper: 1.2 kg of coffee beans

  • Dosage can be adjusted 

  • Dosage counter 

  • 250W, 120V, 1400 rpm motor 

  • Dimensions: 55x21x37 cm

  • 64mm diameter steel burrs

  • Weight 13 kg 

  • Automatic filling


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