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Moka Sir’s Frozen Mousse Machine



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Capacity: 5 liter tank
Dimensions: 26.2 cm x 42.7 cm x 61.2 cm
Net Weight: 28 kg.
The Frozen Mousse machine is perfect for Bars, Restaurants, Cafés, and Hotels to dispense coffee granita and other chilled specialties, like creamy desserts, sherbets, and mousses.


The Frozen Mousse machine is compact and features an elegant design, as well as rounded shapes with stainless steel finishing and white or black finishes.  It is easy to clean and user-friendly, and all the components which come into contact with the products are simple to remove without having to use any tools. 


The machine comes with a HACCP certification and works with water- or milk-based dried products or with mixtures ready to be poured into the bowl.  The machine works very quickly and the product is ready for serving in approximately 30 minutes.


For use with Moka Sir's Frozen Mousse, available here.

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